Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost done!

Our back yard is almost finished. Finally! They were supposed to finish Saturday except they couldn't get the rest of the rock and sod delivered, so we should get it finished up tomorrow. I have a day by day progress report on my other blog, I have been updating that one better because it is linked to my page.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Snow

We had a blast the other day as we played in the FOOT of snow mother nature blessed us with over spring break. Directly above you can see most of our favorite sledding hill in our back yard. Griff made a little jump at the bottom and they all had hours worth of fun. I make my first attempt down the hill without quite being prepared. It seemed like just a fun little hill, but you actually get going pretty fast! We had quite a bit of fun, and though this change in weather moved back our back yard installation by at least a week, I wouldn't have traded it for anything!
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Happy Birthday Brynna!

I have never been good at getting birthday posts up, but I will get this done, even if I am a week late!

My dear sweet Brynna,
I hope that you had a fabulous time on your birthday this year. I can't believe you are already five! You have already grown into such a beautiful girl inside and out. I love how you are always the first to volunteer to help me in the kitchen and how well you play with Cyerra. You remind me so much of myself at that age, quiet, but always doing your best to make good choices. I look forward to seeing you grow even more, although if I could keep you at this age forever, I just might. I love you more than I can say and I am so proud to hear you call me Mom!
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finally Furnished!

We finally got new furniture so our front room looks like we live here! Still lots to do, but it feels like a huge improvement.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Josh!


Happy birthday! One year ago was the last time we saw you healthy and well. I loved to watch you play with my kids and let them chase you all over with such patience. They love you so much and we all miss you terribly. I remember meeting you for the first time and you were younger than Aaron is now. I watched you grow up from afar and am sad that I never got to know you well enough to share in so many of the memories that everyone else shares. I take comfort in knowing that you are part of our eternal family and that someday
we will be with you again. These pictures are how I will always remember you. So much fun and laughter. I smile all over again everytime I see them and remember how great it was. We are thinking of you today and always! We love you!
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Dresses

One thing I love about having three girls is finding pretty dresses that match. These are some of few pictures I have recently taken of Cyerra where she isn't squinting and making a funny face for the camera.

Ashlyn decided to help Brynna dress up in practice for her first dance recital. It was cute to see all three girls playing dress up together!
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